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Jewellery & Accessories

Brazil :

Coconut shell, wood, tropical seeds :

Vegetable ivory

Vegetable gold

Semi-precious stones

Andean countries

Wooden, bone, & horn earrings

Wooden hairpicks & bars - wooden & bone rings

Fashion, typical textiles, Cds

Brazilian Taygra sneakers

Brazilian sandals

Brazilian fashion : Capoeira

Brazilian fashion : Beach

Hot clothing from Andean countries & Nepal

Music Instruments

Vegetable beads & raw material :

Tropical & palmtree seeds

Coconut & wooden carved pieces & jewell creation set


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Sneaker shoe with a wheel in the heel, for sliding or walking

bracelet in açai seeds coconut bracelet from Brazilbracelets in coconut shell bracelet wood brazil pau brasil brazilian woodbracelets from brazil in ipé wood
Bracelets in açai palmtree seeds (BRAC) : 3 EUR Bracelets in coco (BRCC) : 5 EUR Bracelets in wood (BRBS) : 5 EUR
bracelet teeth of coconut è Brazilian handicraft bracelet coco açai bracelet brazilian in açai seeds & coconut piecesbracalet coco & açai on waxed string
Bracelets in teeth of coco (BRCCDT)  : 5 EUR Bracelet coco-açai on double elastic (BRCCAC) : 6 EUR Bracelet coconut brown bright & açai on elastic (BRCCAC+) ou de corde (BRCCACCD) : 8 EUR
Bracelets leather macramébracelets tubular in leather bracelet macramé straw & shell fita da Nossa Senhora de Bomfim da Bahia - bracelet of our lady of bomfim, porta-fortuna, religious
Bracelets leather (BRCUIR) : 3 EUR Bracelet straw & cori shell (BRPACOQ) : 3 EUR Bracelet of Our Lady of Bomfim 2ounds (BRBOMFIM) : 0,5 EUR - Various colours
bracelet thin on waxed string with açai & coconut

bracelet thin coco & açai

bracelet in grevilha (acacia) seed - melancia amerindian bracelet in straw
Bracelet thin on string with coco & açai (BRFIN) : 4 EUR Bracelet in acacia seeds (BRACC) : 6 EUR Bracelet amérindien tissé en paille de rafia (BRAM) : 8 EUR
bracelets with coconut or wooden losanges Bracelet brazilian handicraft in wood with saints pictures bracelet thin coco & açai elasticbracelet thin coco & açai waxed string
Bracelet coco (BRCCF2) or wood (BRBSF2) : 8 EUR Bracelet wood with saints pictures (BRSANTO) : 8 EUR Bracelets thin on elastic with coco & palmtree seeds (BRF2EL) or waxed string (BRF2CD) : 7 EUR
Bracelet in madre-perola - mother of pearl bracelet coco ohmbracelet coco sun
Bracelet in mother-of-pearl (BRNC) : 10 EUR Bracelets with sculpture on the white coconut central piece, with string int pink leather (BRF1) : 12 EUR
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