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logo tropic concept artisanat coco bijoux bijouterie grossiste bresil perou equateur inde
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Jewellery & Accessories

Brazil :

Coconut shell, wood, tropical seeds :

Vegetable ivory

Vegetable gold

Semi-precious stones

Andean countries

Wooden, bone, & horn earrings

Wooden hairpicks & bars - wooden & bone rings

Fashion, typical textiles, Cds

Brazilian Taygra sneakers

Brazilian sandals

Brazilian fashion : Capoeira

Brazilian fashion : Beach

Hot clothing from Andean countries & Nepal

Music Instruments

Vegetable beads & raw material :

Tropical & palmtree seeds

Coconut & wooden carved pieces & jewell creation set


And let's discover our other websites :

www.fun-shoes.com : the site of the trendy shoes, with the sneakers with the wheel in the heel !!!

Sneaker shoe with a wheel in the heel, for sliding or walking

Direct Importer wholesaler & retailer

Welcome to Tropic Concept´s website !!!

Direct importer of handicrafts & organic jewellery from Brazil, Peru, India & Nepal

All our products are realised by hands in the respect of the ethic of the fair trade. No price is negociated

Those products are made out of natural materials, they are said "ecologically correct" or "eco-friendly" , they respect the environment. They are the result of the partnership with a rainforest defense association in Brazil

Prices are in EUROS, if you need to know the price in your currency, you can easily converse at www.xe.com

We deliver with care to any destination

Our site is being upgraded little by little with a lot of new products, please come back regularly to discover them

Do not hesitate to enter in contact with us for more informations

For all the handicraft, check out our ethical fashion new website www.brasilexotique.com :

basil exotique logo artisanat accessoires mode brésil

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Security payment system via Paypal (all currencies accepted) paiement par carte bancaire

bracelet in wood

More Brazilian jewellery

Sneaker TAYGRA, the new trendy shoes from Brazil

TAYGRA Brazilian sneakers

wooden hairpicks, bars, rings, afro picks

Hairpicks, bars & rings from India

waistcoat, poncho, peruvian textile for children, pullover

Children waistcoats & ponchos from Andean countries

organic tribal earring in ebony wood, fake-enlarger, fake-stretcher shape spiralS tribal in mahogany wood mixed with rose wood, with wooden closer

More organic earrings in precious woods, bone & horn : the whole collection

sandal from Brazil with brazilian flag

Brazilian sandals

peruvian music instruments

Peruvian music instruments

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