Coconut, wood & tropical seeds selection

ring in coconut, shell, silver & opal - bio-jewels from Brazil earrings in wood, coconut, seeds, ašai, bamboo, shell, mother-of-pearl, bone, horn, bio-jewellery from Brazil bracelets coco, wood & seeds - Bio-jewels - Amazonia, Bahia, Nordeste, Pernambuco, Natal Necklace brazilian handicraft wood, coconut, seeds, bio-jewellery - wholesale bar in coconut, accessories, hair peak, belt, purse, accesories of brazilian fashion
Rings Earrings Bracelets Necklaces Accessories
Necklace in tagua, the vegetable ivory (jarina, corozo) - Bio jewels from Amazonia & Acre Earring in vegetable gold, the capim dourado from Brazil Earring & jewellery in mineral : semi-precious stones from Brazil - Jewel from Minas Gerais raw material, seeds, pieces in coco, vegetable beads - Bio beads from Amazonia

Vegetable Ivory selection

Vegetable gold selection

Mineral selection
(semi-precious stones)
Vegetable beads
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