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Summary :

Jewellery & Accessories

Brazil :

Coconut shell, wood, tropical seeds :

Vegetable ivory

Vegetable gold

Semi-precious stones

Andean countries

Wooden, bone, & horn earrings

Wooden hairpicks & bars - wooden & bone rings

Fashion, typical textiles, Cds

Brazilian Taygra sneakers

Brazilian sandals

Brazilian fashion : Capoeira

Brazilian fashion ; Beach

Hot clothing from Andean countries & Nepal

Tagua nut carvings
Handicraft from Ecuador

Music Instruments
Brazil & Peru

BIO products : natural food, medecine, cosmetics & pesticids

Vegetable beads & raw material :

Tropical & palmtree seeds

Coconut & wooden carved pieces & jewell creation set


drapeau du brésil - brasil paréo canga drapeau brésil toucan ara canga pareo sarong drapeau brésil aras
Sarong with the Braziilian flag : 15 EUR Sarong flag tucan : 15 EUR Sarong flag parrots : 15 EUR
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