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Jewellery & Accessories

Brazil :

Coconut shell, wood, tropical seeds :

Vegetable ivory

Vegetable gold

Semi-precious stones

Andean countries

Wooden, bone, & horn earrings

Wooden hairpicks & bars - wooden & bone rings

Fashion, typical textiles, Cds

Brazilian Taygra sneakers

Brazilian sandals

Brazilian fashion : Capoeira

Brazilian fashion ; Beach

Hot clothing from Andean countries & Nepal

Sculptures in resin from Brazil


Smoking pipes


Tagua nut carvings
Handicraft from Ecuador

Music Instruments
Brazil & Peru

Vegetable beads & raw material :

Tropical & palmtree seeds

Coconut & wooden carved pieces & jewell creation set



Brazilian necklaces with coconut pendentive on wax string necklace sibipiruna pau brasil necklace with parrot feathers & seeds necklace with halves of coconut shelves licuri necklace with bone & coconut discs
Necklaces of waxed string with coconut pendentive (COMO) : 3 EUR Necklace thin on waxed string with Sibipiruna seeds (COSICD) : 4 EUR Necklaces feather & seeds (COPL) : 5 EUR Necklaces with halves of small coconuts (COMIOCC) : 6 EUR Necklaces in coco& bone (COCCOSDT) : 5 EUR
collier bois et coco masculinnecklace coco pukalet beads & wood Amazonian necklace in morototo seeds (maramara, mara-mara), native handicraft from Brazil necklace coco discs &  açai seeds on silicone elasticcollier coco masculin necklace bamboo açai coco necklace teeth of coco
Necklaces coco (COCCLG) & wood (COBSLG) : 4 EUR Necklace in Morototo seeds (COMORO) : 5 EUR Necklaces coco-açai (COCCMASC) : 5 EUR Necklaces coco-seed-bamboos (COBBF2) : 6 EUR Necklace teeth of coco (CODT) : 6 EUR


necklace small shelves

necklace with slices of shell

collier indien boisIndian necklace with wooden stick, brazilian handicraft

collier indien bois graine et coco

Necklace with small shelves (CONC) : 5 EUR

Necklaces with slices of shelves (COCOQ) : 5 EUR

Necklaces indian in wooden sticks (COINDBS) : 7 EUR

Necklace indian large in wood, coconut & seeds (COINDF2) : 12 EUR

Necklace with coconut turtle as pendentivecollier tortue avec carapace en piassava

necklace with açai palmtree seeds & polished coconut pieces, on waxed string - Brazilian handicraft

amerindian necklace with acacia seeds & bamboo marajacollier graines acacia collier sibipiruna paxiubao seeds necklace from the amazonian rainforest, amazonas, belem, para, acre, rio branco, manaus

Necklace turtle (COTORTUE) : 7 EUR

Necklaces coco-açai (COCCAC) son string : 7 EUR

Necklaces amerindian in acacia seeds (COACC) : 8 EUR Necklace large Sibipiruna (COSI) : 13 EUR Necklace in paxiubao seeds (COPAX) : 15 EUR
Colliers en noix de dendéCollier en noix de dendé polies Collier en coquinho, petites noix de coco, sautoir tribal necklace in coconut & açai palmtree seedscolliers motifs en noix de coco & graines de palmierscollier tribal star coco açai
Necklaces in Dendé coconuts (COCCDD) : 12 EUR Necklace long (2 rounds) in halves of small nuts (COMEIOCC2T) : 15 EUR Necklaces in coco & seeds (COF2) : 10 EUR
Collier 2 tours en graine de réglisse, oeil-de-pigeon Collier 2 tours en graines de Larme de Job, Larme de Notre-Dame, Coix collier en graines de palmier açai blanc - sautoirnecklace in açai canutilho 2 roundscollier açai rajado rouge 2 tourscollier açai carenado marbré 2 tours necklace 3 rounds in sibipiruna - false pau brasil Collier sautoir 5 tours Larme de Notre-Dame, Job, coix  
Necklace 2 rounds ib Olho-de-pomba seeds (COREG2T) : 10 EUR Necklace 2 rounds in Job´s tear (COLND2T) : 10 EUR Necklace açai 2 rounds (COAC2T) : 13 EUR Necklace 3 rounds in Sibipiruna seeds (COSI3T) : 13 EUR Necklace 5 rounds in Job´s tears (COLND5T) : 20 EUR Necklace 5 rounds in Morototo seeds (COMO5T) : 25 EUR
Necklaces triangular
colliers triangulaires en losanges et perles de bois collier triangulaire cococollier triangulaire bois et noix de coco collier en noix de coco et açai teinté
in wooden beads (COTRBS) : 10 EUR in coco & palmtree seeds (COTRF2) or in wood, seeds & coco (COTRBSF2) : 12 EUR in coco & açai on waxed string (COCCACCD) : 10 EUR
collier parure triangulaire en losanges et perles coco et bois Collier parure triangulaire en coco, açai et os
Necklaces wooden set (COPABS) or in coco (COPACC) triangular, with açai seeds : 15 EUR Necklace long in coco & açai (COTRCCAC) : 15 EUR in coco & açai with bone losange (COPAOS) : 25 EUR
  Collier tour du cou en losanges et perles de coco   collier plongeant avec tranche de piassava piaçava coco graines de palmiers   Collier en graines d´Amazonie et palmier açai   Collier en graines d´Amérique du Sud   Collier amazonie en graine de palmier açai et Morototo (maramara)
 Necklace turn of the neck in coconut (CCPARC) : 15 EUR Necklace in coco, wood & seeds with a piassava nut slice (COPAPCV) : 20 EUR Necklace in açai & other seeds on waxed string (COACGRCD) : 15 EUR Necklace in various seeds with pendentive (COGRPD) : 20 EUR Necklace long in various seeds with pendentive (COGRPDLG) : 30 EUR  Necklace in Morototo & Açai seeds (COMOROAC) : 30 EUR

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