new generation gliding sneakers

Saut aérien avec catch en baskets de glisse avec roulettes dans le talon

The sneakers "" reach Europe as a special novelty in the gliding world. They are not roller skates, but definitely a new way of moving that will please children, teens & their parents. But note: the sneakers are only offered in European sizes 30-41. At the moment, we have no 35, 38 & 40, but soon we will receive sizes from 29 up to 43

sneaker leather with wheel in the heelrolling sneaker in heel of footwear of fun-shoe gliding
delivery not included (17,15 EUR for all European courntries)
Accessories, spare parts& wheels to change & replace the wheels from the heel of the fun-shoes Now also available : a kit with accessories & 2 spare wheels : 10 EUR
(if sent with a pair of Fun-shoes, otherwise you would have to add the shipping costs

A classical and fashionable sneaker, this footwear is in leather and comfortable. But they hide a mysterious button which can trigger off the exit of the integrated wheel in the back under the heel. This button allows activation or deactivation of the wheel in an instant.

This very innovative option is going to allow numerous possibilities of gliding by adopting a position of equilibrium on the heels. As switching from slide to walking position only takes a second, observers will watch with curiosity as young persons mysteriously float on the ground with their sneakers!!!

Click on the image to watch th video Vidéo des Fun-shoes sur Skatepark

Technique is quickly learnt. Within an hour, you will become a master of the situation and addicted! Put leg of support forward, heels behind. A tip: if the sneakers are edge to edge, you create a rigid group as a board and the gliding is easier. It allows especially to block its back foot in position of gliding without having to hold it in equilibrium, it can help for the beginning. At first, assist yourself with the arms to restore the c entre of gravity and slide on short or long distance, according to your level. After some time, you will acquire skill & can begin to try some freestyle, such as 360 degree turns, jumps and other acrobatics! Wheels absorb well to vibrations and asperity. This footwear has the European norms certificate (CE). has already made many fans abroad, especially in the United States, always a step ahead. Do not wait: order today! Caution is advised. Even if falls are much less frequent and less dangerous than on wheels due to the fact that the footwear stays in contact with the ground to balance the shoe, there are always risks to be taken into consideration. Therefore, adequate protection is recommended (knee pads, helmet, protects elbows) as for the practice of Rollerskates/rollerblades.

baskets à roulettes dans micro skateparcglisse sur micro en chaussures à roulettesglisse skateparc avec baskets à rouesHaut de rampe en baskets à roulettes Fun-shoes.comDescente de rampe avec chaussures à roues Fun-shoes.comDescente de rampe avec les chaussures à roulettes sous le talonEquilibre tête en bas en haut de rampe avec baskets à roues Fun-shoes

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