Tagua ("tah-gwa"), also called ivory nut or vegetable ivory, are primarily the nuts of the Tagua palm tree (Phytelephas macrocarpa) that grow in tropical rainforests. Other palms of the same subfamily also produce ivory nuts. The size of the seed varies from the size of a cherry to a tennis ball, the average size being that of a plum. The nut has a dark brown, bark-like skin. The natural color of tagua is ivory white and resembles the finest animal ivory in texture and color but can vary to an ivory-amber. It is close grain and very hard, but is more dense and resilient than that of elephant ivory and similar in durability. There is usually a void in the center of the nut. When ripe the nuts fall to the ground and are gathered and dried from four to eight weeks after which they become extremely hard. The nut is not toxic.

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Necklace in açai with carved pendentive in tagua, the vegetable ivory from the amazonian rainforestcollier avec pendentif en ivoire végétal sculpté collier en ivoire végétal
Necklace with carved tagua pendentive (COPDJA) : 15 EUR Necklace in gross tagua : 15 EUR
collier tagua poli avec vissoircollier corozo fri avec vissoir Collier avec disques et noix de corozo, l´ivoire végétal
Necklace tagua polihed natural or burnt (maron), screwing closer (COJAIND) : 15 EUR Necklace tagua natural or burnt on elastic (COJAINDELAS) : 15 EUR
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