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Dive into the heart of the Brazilian fashion with the sneakers TAYGRA
Description: extremely comfortable, flexible and light shoes with on all the models: a label with the flag of Brazil - Perfect fGold the city, the inside sport, the Capoeira, the exits, the water sports
100% Brazilian - multi-uses - non-skid Soles - Machine washable (30°C)
Price: 35 Euro

Summary :

Jewellery & Accessories

Brazil :

Coconut shell, wood, tropical seeds :

Vegetable ivory

Vegetable gold

Semi-precious stones

Andean countries

Wooden, bone, & horn earrings

Wooden hairpicks & bars - wooden & bone rings

Fashion, typical textiles, Cds

Brazilian Taygra sneakers

Brazilian sandals

Brazilian fashion : Capoeira

Brazilian fashion : Beach

Hot clothing from Andean countries & Nepal

Music Instruments

Vegetable beads & raw material :

Tropical & palmtree seeds

Coconut & wooden carved pieces & jewell creation set


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Sneaker shoe with a wheel in the heel, for sliding or walking

TAYGRA, the most fashion sneakers do BRASIL !

Walk trendy, use TAYGRA and confirm your difference. Take care of the imitations

Summer 2008 models - Outsole in vulcanised PVC - Inside sole is anatomic & recyclable

Price : 45 EUR / pair

TAYGRA sizes are printed on the insole & match with European sizes

baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-blanc-uni.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-bleu-marine-beige.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-bleu-marine-vert-anis.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-bleu-royal-jaune.jpg
White United Blue Navy / Bege Blue Navy / Green anis Blue Electric / Yellow
baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-cuivre-noir.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-floral-fushia.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-gris-noir.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-jaune-vert.jpg
Copper / Black Floral Grey / Black Yellow / Green
baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-marron-blanc.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-marron-jaune.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-noir-blanc.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-noir-jaune.jpg
Brown / White Brown / Yellow Black / White Black / Yellow
baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-noir-or.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-noir-rouge.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-noir-uni.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-noir-vert.jpg
Black / Gold Black / Red Black United Black / Green
baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-orange-noir.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-rose-noir.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-vert-bleu.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-vert-jaune.jpg
Orange / Black Pink / Black Green / Blue Green / Yellow
baskets-brasil-TAYGRA-modele-noir-hawaien.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-afro-samba-reggae-olodum.jpg basket-bresilienne-taygra-modele-jaguar-onca-pintada.jpg baskets-bresiliennes-taygra-blanc-or.jpg
Black HAWAÏ Rasta Jaguar White / Gold
basket-bresilienne-taygra-rouge-hawai-tribal-maori-tiki.jpg Mannequin enfant bébé Jeanne gamme infantil Taygra baskets brésiliennes TAYGRA-semelle-interieure-logo-pointure.jpg basket-TAYGRA-bresil-rose-vichy.jpg
Red HAWAÏ Pink / White Blue sky / Bege Pink Vichy / White

Elastic model

Model Black United

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